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CAMP LIFT is a registered charity whose mission is to contribute to the academic perseverance of high school youth by offering awareness and education activities on healthy lifestyle habits.


We believe that cultivating a healthy mind in a healthy body is the best way to promote academic success. We are convinced that one day, all young people will have access to educational environments that will help them develop all facets of their humanity.


To become a leader in your community, you must first be a leader in your own life. We strive to lead and inspire by example by embodying on a daily basis the values and principles of life that we want to transmit to young people.


To become a person of integrity, you must first know yourself. Knowledge and respect for oneself and others are priorities that guide each of our actions.


At Camp LIFT, we celebrate and value the diversity of personal qualities brought by each team member. The personal quality that unites us is the courage to be vulnerable and authentic in order to grow together.


The development of physical, mental and relational resilience of all stakeholders in the organization is the cornerstone of our programs.
Camp Lift Logo white
Photos of young people living the Camp Lift 2 experience

Participating Schools

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The Team

Want to get involved?

Whether as a youth mentor, expert advisor or motivated volunteer, we are always looking for new talents. Write to us and we will be happy to meet you and explore possibilities for collaboration.

Annual Report

We are proud to present the fruits of our efforts to you in our annual report!

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Our Donors and Partners

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