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CAMP LIFT is a registered charity whose mission is to contribute to the academic perseverance of high school youth by offering awareness and education activities on healthy lifestyle habits.

We specialize in accompanying and supporting the development of a overall wellness health of our youth in order to prevent substance abuse disorders, delinquency and school dropout.

Our vision is that all youth should the necessary tools to achieve their educational success by developing healthy lifestyle habits, reaching their full potential and becoming an inspiring model for their community.

School offers young people knowledge and know-how; Camp LIFT offers them soft skills!

Bring resilience, emotional intelligence and critical thinking to today's youth
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Radio Canada report on Camp Lift
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RADIO-CANADA report on Camp LIFT

“Wow! What great media coverage by ICI Estrie with our partners at the CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS!”


“It was very difficult for me to deal with my emotions. I learned that it's okay to feel all types of emotions and just not react to them. It helped me with my anger and I no longer have tantrums”
Lukas, Lauren Hill Academy
An incredible evening dedicated to the development of the mental, physical and social health of young people, all thanks to Camp LIFT!